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Historical mansion on the hills right outside Rome , with the best view you can have in Frascati.

The place where great men have always been in search of INSPIRATION, BEAUTY and CULTURE, immeasurable green spaces, created by an powerful vegetation that fills the air with natural scents, ancient sites and a horizon that reveals the beauty of the great Rome.

These are the reasons which took us to Frascati, within the walls of the prestigious Villa Tuscolana, steeped in history, splendor, art and culture, to be able to find that inspiration that all great men tried.

We wanted to be able to spend together a great moment of training, growth and to develop together new projects, surrounded by Italian tradition, among memorable quality foods, wines and joyful conviviality.

This is how poets and famous writers describes this place:

"On the hills, ... in Frascati, the air is constantly pure and clear. There you can study a different nature ". Goethe

Then we meet Frascati and, on the slope above, we see the ruins of Tuscolo where Cato was born and where Cicero lived, wrote and adorned the beloved house of which there are some leftovers. "Charles Dickens

“The joy of its gardens and the magnificence of its large terraces; and his nights, so long, silent and full of stars. ”Rainer Maria Rilke

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