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Umberto Borellini

Umberto Borellini is graduated in Pharmacy and Psychology and specialized in Cosmetics Science and Technology. He has been associated with the SICC (Italian Society of Chemistry and Cosmetic Sciences) since 1989, as well as a member of various scientific boards such as IRDEG, AMIA and SKINECO, as well as being an honorary member of CIDESCO. He teaches cosmetology at numerous university masters (Rome Tor Vergata, Pavia and Camerino), specialization schools (SMIEM-SIME) and is the educational director of the BSA professional beauty school in Lugano. He has published several books and his scientific and popular articles appear on several magazines. He is also called to participate as a speaker and chairman in scientific conferences in Italy and abroad. He is the scientific director of a cosmetic research and production company and technical and scientific consultant for the cosmetics industry for which he has formulated hundreds of products.

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