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Daniel Vittori

My focus is to support the birth and growth of your business through identification, to develop and comunicate your values to those ago need it to permit them to buy.


if your goals are connected to your profit and to the personal satisfaction of your work, there are questions for you below that we are going to solve during our meeting:


1 - have you identified your realvalue? 

2 - whydo your customers should payyou? 

3 - do you have a strategy? 

4 - who are you talkingto? 

5 - howand wheredo you say it? 

6 - why should you chooseyou? 

6 - why should the customer choose you?? 


90% of the choices of our customers are not rational but emotional, your product can be ethical, qualitatively superior and you commit yourself to maximum customer satisfaction! 

to be chosen we must act on emotions!


this is my focus


i’m daniel vittori i’m a mathematician

 and comunication scientist expert of neurobranding and business modeling.

I develop the b.u.i.l.d. system to create successful brand!

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